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To empower low to moderate income citizens by providing a pathway out of poverty and into financial wellness. We aim to advance and protect wealth building opportunities and promote economic independence by equipping participants with assistance, information and personalized support. Through our programs, workshops and financial services we are confident that we can reduce economic anxiety and promote financial confidence.

Our Programs

Credit Repair

We have implemented an action plan to assist clients with credit repair.

Debt Counseling

We provide a debt management plan designed to reduce our client’s financial obligations

Financial Literacy

Through our Financial Literacy Program, we provide financial education that empowers our clients.

Foreclosure Defense

We provide foreclosure prevention in all stages of mortgage delinquency.

Home Assistance Services

We assist our clients by partnering with: faith based, non-profit, private and government organizations that offer home assistance programs.

Tax Services

We provide professional income tax return preparation services for low-income individuals, and their families, ensuring that they receive the maximum refund available to them.

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